Friday, September 11, 2009

Think of the Non-Gender Children

A highly intriguing photo from FailBlog:

Now, I'm sure there's a reasonable and boring explanation for whatever the heck that sign's supposed to mean.

But I'm more interested in the possibilities of what it could mean. If I were the editor of a fiction magazine, I would put up that photo and invite contributors to send in their tales of the society that produced it.

Why are non-gender children numerous enough to make the sign necessary? Why aren't there three sorts of public restrooms: Men, Women, and Null? Probably because the introduction of non-gender children in large numbers is a relatively new development. How will society adapt as the non-gender children grow and mature? In twenty years, will non-gender adults be common enough that every building will require a non-gender public restroom?


Unknown said...

Apparently "non-gender" doesn't mean the baby has no gender, it means that the mother is banned from bringing in a baby "who is not the same gender" as the change-room.

The sign is saying that a parent would be banned from bringing a boy into the girl's bathroom or a girl into the men's bathroom.

toadranch lady said...

i believe it refers to those kooks in Canada who have decided to keep their baby's gender a secret to avoid any gender specific stereotypes being "forced" on the kid. It's been all over the news.

Brendan said...

I'd love to ask you how a 2009 FailBlog picture could be about a 2011 cable TV news story.

But somehow I doubt you'll ever be back here to see. In fact, I bet you forgot all about my blog within an hour of the search for dirt on that Canadian kid that brought you here. Such is life.

Farewell, my flighty friend with a short attention span. Godspeed on your hyperactive, hyperkinetic, hallucinogenic blast 'round the net.